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Vehicles, Trailers & Containers

Vehicles, Trailers & Containers

Storage and moving equipment can be logistically difficult when you own your equipment. However, with trailers, fuel tanks, and sea-land container rentals, you no longer have to worry about storing and maintaining the equipment after you are done. Let our rental experts take care of your container and trailer rental needs. Contact us today!

F&M MAFCO has been providing tools & equipment
since 1945. We specialize in heavy rigging, cranes and crane
parts, crane rental, on-site tooling, construction tools and supplies, welding equipment, fabrication, safety equipment, hoist, derricks, and other unique items that may be difficult
to find from a single provider.
1-800-333-2151 (Toll Free)
1-513-367-2151 (World-wide)
1-513-367-0363 (Fax)

Our Locations
North American Branches:
Birmingham, Alabama
Cincinnati, Ohio
Carson City, Nevada
Charlotte, North Carolina
Houma, Louisiana
Edmonton, AB Canada
International Offices:
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Manchester, England
St. Croix, USVI
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